Project:  DT. Dobie Phase 2 - Service, Parts and Workshop
Location:  Pugu Road, Dar es Salaam
Completion:  2010
Floor Area:  4200 m2
Contract Value:  US$ 3.4M

Having completed Phase 1 in 2004 IPA were appointed as architects for completion of the DT. Dobie complex in 2008. Phase 2 consisted of state of the art workshops, a new parts warehouse and sales point for service and parts. Also at the mezzanine level, additional admin offices and meeting rooms. Emphasis in the working areas (workshop/parts) was on functionality and durability. All floor areas are surfaced in a highly durably polyurethane poured floor. In the public areas the same design features are carried through from the showroom so there is continuity as people flow between the different building areas.

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