Project:  New French Secondary School
Location:  Masaki, Dar es Salaam
Completion:  Construction to commence 2012
Floor Area:  3,600m2
Contract Value:  Not Available

A new purpose designed high school for the French School of Tanzania to be built on a one acre site in Masaki. The brief was to design the school at max 2 storeys so it blends into its residential setting. The main driving force of the building was to build around the existing mature trees on the site. This provided an interesting series of solids and voids which will result in a stimulating environment for the pupils. Wide open and shaded concourses provide an ideal area for occupants to mingle. Each building is designed around a theme (e.g. a "snail" curling around a large tree, a laminated timber "egg" as a central focal point for gatherings and performances).

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