Project:  State House Refurbishment
Location:  Ikulu, Dar es Salaam
Completion:  2003
Floor Area:  17,000 m2
Contract Value:  Not Available

IPA together with main contractors, Skanska, carried out a major refurbishment of all State House buildings over a 3 year period from 1999 to 2003. The project was carried out in 3 phases to minimize disruption to activities in the offices of the President. The design approach was intended to respect the historical nature of the building which was built in 5 blocks from 1923 up to the 1960s. Included in the buildings are the State Room, Banquet Hall, Visiting Heads of State Accommodation and Cabinet Rooms. Also included are the personal offices of the President and all of his support staff. Prior to the renovation the buildings suffered badly from rain penetration and general building decay.

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