Apartment Complex

A proposed new luxury apartment development on a large residential plot in Oyster Bay, Dar es Salaam. IPA won a limited architectural competition for this project. The design solution involved carefully arranging 3 different types of apartment units around a sunken pool garden in a way which enhances views as well as privacy. This development was intended to set a new benchmark for luxury apartment living in the affluent residential part of Dar es Salaam. Car parking is totally hidden in a secure basement and lift access is provided to all of the living units. The modern apartments would utilise open plan living as much as possible as well as double height spaces.

The central landscape sunken courtyard is the principal feature of this design. Given that exterior views from this site were not particularly significant, it was decided at the outset that the development would be inward looking, and in this sense the landscaping and pool feature around which all apartments are arranged is pivotal. Another important feature of this design was that it manipulated different levels so that none of the apartments looked directly out upon another living unit. In this way, all units shared the same central courtyard without compromising privacy.

Karimjee Jivanjee Ltd
Dar es Salaam
Unrealised Concept Proposal