Proposed Residence B

The key elements of this house design was that the client wished a retirement home which was set out on a single level. The constraints of the site also meant that the overall proportions were long and narrow, and this informed the overall design approach.

So, the site arrangement is effectively two sided with driveway approach and parking on one side, and garden & pool on the other side. The main living space, master bedroom & 2 self- contained guest bedrooms are all set out as a series of interlinked ‘Pods’. The only element which is covered by an expansive pitched roof is the living room & kitchen. All other bedrooms are flat roofed structures.

The client wished the rooms to be arranged in such a way that maximum use could be made of natural cross ventilation. Therefore, all rooms & bedrooms can be naturally ventilated if wished. All bedrooms have high-level clerestory lighting with remotely operable louvre windows which can promote cross ventilation at high level in these rooms.

The master bedroom unit is accessed through a “private garden” to promote the idea of a set-aside stand-alone unit with bedroom, changing, and private media room.

Proposed Residence B
Dar es Salaam
Under Construction