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Context + Culture
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Modern Architecture Born in Africa

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Context + Culture + Climate
Modern Architecture Born in Africa

IPA’s story in Tanzania goes back to 1993. Originally established as a branch office of IPA London, since those early days the Dar es Salaam office has grown to complete a wide range of significant projects, spread across many sectors and many building types. If we have such a thing as a Mission Statement, it would be to respond to, and exceed, clients’ expectations, and to do so in such a way which is wholly responsive to the cultural and climatic setting in which we construct buildings – namely East Africa. In short, our principal task is to explore what Modern Architecture should be in a tropical African context.

Whether it be private homes, or at the other scale, large public buildings, the challenge is to explore what is the appropriate response to the brief and the constraints and possibilities of any given site. Every project is a puzzle with many different potential solutions. What IPA is about is people. The staff who we train and employ and nurture, who are our principal asset. And how those staff interact with the client, whether it be an individual client or a large corporation or government department, and through those interactions and discussions a unique process plays out which slowly starts to define a path which eventually leads to a completed building.

Over now more than 25 years, we are proud to have developed very close relationships with clients, many of whom we have completed multiple projects for over prolonged periods of time.
We look forward to continuing this journey over the coming years.

Our Story

IPA’s branch office established in Dar es Salaam. One architect, one project, a future as yet undefined.

Our Story timeline abstract shape
Our Story timeline abstract shape
1996 - 2015

IPA complete a series of 7 projects for State House, DSM. Including renovation of the State House building, Presidential Residence, and a major Presidential Convention Hall.

IPA collaborate with BAM International & NACO on new JNIA Terminal 3 airport.

Our Story timeline abstract shape
Our Story timeline abstract shape
2022 Onwards

Constructing new Ministry of Finance HQ, Dodoma. New faculty building UDSM. 5-star Lodge Serengeti. And multiple commercial & residential projects...


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